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Increasing Market Value for Entrepreneurs

Success Index Commission (S.I.C) is focused on unlocking investment possibilities for entrepreneurs as well as exploring the structures of entrepreneurship to increase market value for entrepreneurs. 

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A Possibility Centre & Business Association

Success Index Commission (S.I.C.) is a Possibility Centre and Business Association that does business Valuations to determine the capacity to grow and create possibilities for growth to increase market value for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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Our Services

Our services are focused on creating financial freedom for entrepreneurs through increasing the market value of their enterprises.

Determine the Capacity for Growth

We access the status of businesses, and find ways to improve and grow their enterprises.

Create Possibilities for Growth

We put in the right structures and systems in place for businesses that create the right environment for business growth.

Business Valuation

We help in valuing your business to know its worth and sale value in the market when selling out to investors and partners.

Training & Mentorship

We organize series of programs to help entrepreneurs to start, launch, grow and transform thier businesses and life.

Investment Consulting

We connect businesses to investors who can invest capital into your business through our investor-linkage consultancy.

Strategic Business Planning

Growth always starts with a plan. We develop business plans for start-ups and also strategic business plans for existing businesses to map out growth.

business START-UP & GROWTH coaching

We work with new entrepreneurs to take their business dreams to reality, business registration,  developing marketing plans, launching and starting the business. 

business & INVESTMENT consulting

We provide comprehensive business consulting, which deals in major areas such as management, marketing, administration, finance and HR, geared towards your business growth.

BUSINESS Events & Trainings

We also organize regular, periodic business and entrepreneurship programs, offering you all the tools, resources and education to start, launch and grow your business. 

Why Choose Us



We seek and build relationships with individuals who are making a difference in their communities.

Supportive Environment

We provide the needed support to entrepreneurs so that thier businesses can grow.

Deepening Impact

By finding those who are already creating change, we are deepening impact instead of duplicating it.

Pursuit of Excellence

At SIC we promote the pursuit of excellence rather than a simple desire for glory.

Pushing to Greatness

Creating business formulas that inspire entrepreneurs to stick to goals that aroused their passion thereby pushing them beyond the boundaries of knowledge in their chosen endeavours.

Creating Success Stories

With these qualities firmly in hand, you may discover that you are already in the middle of your own personal success story.

Linking Entrepreneurs
to Investors


We identify entrepreneurs with the capacity to grow. Create Structures of Growth for them . Program them into it to create their value


We connect investors with funding with these entrepreneurs to create value for their investments and bring development to the community and also create jobs.

Join the Success Index Network

We are driving a sustainable economic development through human capital development by driving investment, trade, and job creation across the African continent.

We liaise with governments, major corporations, and investors to facilitate business opportunities, share deals and distribute thought leadership and content to our platform of global users.

At Success Index Commission, we believe that business, trade, and investment are the key drivers to enhance quality of life in Africa for everyone.

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