Dr Prince Albert Marfo been the CEO and Founder of Success Index Commission from his years of being an Accountant and Business development Expert haven worked in both Government and Private Sector across the globe believes that the only way to reduce unemployment and bring economic independence to the nations of our world is to fuel the Spirit of Entrepreneurship from the grassroots by determining the capacity to grow in every business and creating possibilities to ensure that growth in businesses for the benefit of the Entrepreneur and his Surroundings using the Structures of Entrepreneurship and that is what Success Index Commission Stands for.

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Members of the Board

The success of our organization hinges of the input of the following board members: 

Mr Mokgalaka Ruphy

Country Director- South Africa

Mrs Lindokuhle Hlongwane

International Financial Director

Mr Ebenezer Botchway

Executive Director West Africa

Mrs Abigail Obadai

Executive Secretary Ghana